About Us

In 2016, residents in Westfield, MA began to become aware of the long-standing contamination of their water supply by Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, from aqueous film forming foam used in firefighting training exercises.  

Frustrated with a lack of information and officials who claimed an abundance of caution was being used despite the absence of information, residents began reaching out to one another and academic researchers, utilizing their talents to begin educating themselves and each other, and advocating for their community.

Since WRAFT was officially founded in 2017, we have successfully: 

We have also served:

And yet there is still so much more to do...  Westfield residents still don't have universal testing for PFAS or PFAS related health effects. There is no medical monitoring in place for contaminated communities, and no education for residents about what to do now that they have been exposed.