Frequently Asked Questions

Is Westfield water safe to drink?

“Safe” is a level of comfort that everyone has to determine for themselves and their families. What we can say is:

Why does my water smell or look funny, and what should I do about it?

Whether you are on municipal water or private water, there are several different reasons why the water coming out of your tap might have a distinct color or odor. The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (Mass DEP) and the University of Georgia (UGA) have put out some great information guides on these topics.

What type of water filter(s) should I use?

     We recommend using NSF Certified Reverse Osmosis filtration *UNLESS YOU ARE ON SEPTIC*

     What about a whole house filter? 

NSCU: PFAS At the Tap  (Comparison of at home water filters)

Dr. Knappe's PFAS Conference Presentation at timestamp for home filters

Duke University's PFAS & Water Filtering Factsheet

Where can I find PFAS information to share with my doctor?

At the top of our Resources page here.

Where / How can I find PFAS-free consumer products?


EWG Verified Personal Care Products Page - includes skin care, makeup, sun care, baby items, cleaning products, etc.

Ingerdients to AVOID if you're looking to reduce PFAS exposure: